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Medcity has been present in Europe since 1990, offering innovative solutions, specializing in medical services for treatment of medical infrastructure.

Doctors Timetable

Qualified doctors available six days a week, view our timetable to make an appointment.

Niraj Ranjeet

Dr. Niraj is a very compassionate doctor who always considers his patients’ needs and comfort levels during examination, diagnosis and treatment, and works to ensure they.

Hemant Manandhar

Dr. Hemant is a Orthopedic Surgeon with a bunch of experiences, who had completed MS Orthopedics and have been serving in variation of health institute in.

Eva Gauchan

Dr. Eva is a Masters Degree holder in Pediatrics and Adolescence Medicine and is Head Of Department and Associate Proffessor of Pediatrics in Manipal Collage of.

Pushpa Raj Koirala

Dr. Pushpa Raj is a Gold-Medalist in MCh Neurosuergery and a MS in General Surgery.He is currently working in WRH as an Neurosurgeon with expert skills.

Saroj Pokhrel

Dr. Saroj is a experienced General Physician who had grabbed MBBS degree from China and have been serving in various level of medical institution.

Anjana Karmacharya

Dr. Anjana graduated from Manipal Collage of Dental Sciences and is the first lady dentist in Pokhara who is also trained in aligner therapy for straightening.